Iron Man Pinball Machine For Sale Stern

Check out these rare Iron Man Pinball Machines For Sale by Stern.  You will also find parts and accessories including the Stark Industries Topper, Iron Monger Lid, Mod 3D Target Cushioned Decals, LED kit, Ramps, Speaker Upgrade, Flyer, Sound Board, Flipper Rebuild Kit, Fuse Kit, CPU Rom Chip Set, Translite, Playfield Plastics, Target Set, Mods, and Custom Target Decals. Pinheads will fight against Whiplash and his ball-catching mechanism which whips the ball back and forth. The mechanical War Machine fires the ball back to the flippers. Iron Monger rises from underneath the playfield in a freaky manner to do battle.
Iron Man Pinball Machine For Sale Stern
Released: 2010 - Designer: John Borg


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