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Attack From Mars Pinball Machine For Sale

Check out these Attack From Mars Pinball Machines for sale.  You will also find parts and accessories for current owners including the rubber ring kits, decals, manuals, translites, flyers, lobster cow, flying saucer UFO topper, and red eye martians. ATTACK!! Very fun addictive play! Lots of long shots up the play field.

* All the shots are fun! The saucer destroyed one in particular
* Anyone can walk up to the machine, play it and feel they have achieved something with the Saucer shots
* Lastability - this is not easy to complete
* Well thought out Martian Attack mode with a seperate high score attached to it
* Only machine with an Epilepsy warning - Strobe Multiball is a great idea though

Must Have Mods:

* Tilt Graphics Apron
* Bill Ung Saucer kit
* Some combination of side blades and backboard decal
* Decal on top of target bank
* Mezel Mods Eat at Eddy's Building

attack from mars pinball machine for sale
Released: 1995 - Designer: Brian Eddy