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Caribbean Cruise Pinball Machine For Sale

Check out these vintage Caribbean Cruise Pinball Machines for Sale from Gottlieb. This rare pin (along with Night Moves) was part of International Concepts' attempt to reintroduce the cocktail pinball table with little success. Only 377 of them were made in 1989. It's a fun game and worthwhile to own, and cats also approve. Caribbean Cruise is really fun! Surprisingly, it actually plays much like a full-sized pinball, and we mean that as a compliment. It has a good, fairly in-depth rule set, four flippers each with their own shot, no frustrating “drain-o” shots (which we think is really important and also difficult to design), decent multi-ball, and excellent sound & art. Don’t get us wrong – cocktail pinball is a tiny niche, but this machine has replay value. It draws your attention due to its uniqueness, but holds your attention because it is a good pin.

Carribean Cruise Pinball Machine For Sale Cocktail

Caribbean Cruise Pinball Machine For Sale Cocktail