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Cyclone Pinball Machine For Sale Cheap

Check out these Cyclone Pinball Machines for sale.  You will also find parts and accessories for current owners including the plastic clown promos, mystery wheel, comet ramp, rubber ring kits, decals, manuals, translites, flyers, sling shots, and ramps. From the most powerful force in the pinball universe. Feel it and be awed!

Perfect pinball, and the ball flow is excellent! After launching the ball, it can go anywhere from the pop bumpers, so not as predictable as other machines. Also, its all about scoring, so the player chooses the shots. The cyclone ramp is pretty difficult to hit 3 times for the jackpot before it times out. Overall, Cyclone a really fun machine that never gets old.

Cyclone Pinball Machine For Sale Cheap Cyclone Pinball Machine For Sale Cheap
Released: 1988 - Designer: Barry Oursler