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Kings of Steel Pinball Machine For Sale

Check out these Kings of Steel Pinball Machines for sale.  You will also find parts and accessories for current owners including the ramps, Decals, Manuals, Translites, Insert Decals, and Drop Targets.

Kings of Steel is a "back to basics" design put together by the righteous Greg Kmeic.

KOS has a fantastic art package by the incomparable Doug Watson. Both the illustrative as well as the design elements of this game come together for a great look for this deck. A simpler playfield hides a few nice shots and a minimalist mindset that still offers great play and angles when properly maintained. A large bank of drop targets with standups behind them is always entertaining. Basic Pinball at its best! Card game themed machine with a unique skill shot - perfect plunged ball rewards a Special for every Ball in Play (adjustable). A real Bonus hunter (up to 1.6 mio points/ball!) and drop target based main feature. Cool sounds for the era. One of our personal all time favorites.
kings of steel pinball machine for sale
Released: 1984 - Designer: Greg Kmiec