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KISS Pinball Machine For Sale Bally 1970s

Check out these KISS Pinball Machines for sale.  You will also find parts and accessories for current owners including the ramps, Decals, Manuals, Translites, Insert Decals, and Drop Targets. This is a highly collectable pin. Rock N Roll all night, and party everyday!

Kiss the pinball and the band are 1970s icons that come together perfectly in this game. This machine has always been popular. Kevin O'Connor's artwork is brilliant all around on this table. Jim Patla's design is understated, simple, and very playable. The Army will always be seeking this pin because it's a cool game. They made a whopping 17000 units, but the price will always be too high for what you get for playability. If you are paying $3000 for a Bally of this era, think about a game like Paragon.

kiss pinball machine for sale
Released: 1979 - Designer: Jim Patla