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Bally Playboy Pinball Machine For Sale


Check out these Bally Playboy Pinball Machines for sale.  You will also find parts and accessories for current owners including the ramps, Decals, Manuals, Translites, Insert Decals, and Drop Targets. This is a highly collectable pin. There's also a newer Stern Playboy pin. The artwork is excellent for the era. It really is a pretty machine, if it's in good shape. It makes a nice show piece, done right. The little Playboy tune that plays when you start a game (or hit the grotto) is unique for the era as well.

Gameplay: It's a late 70s SS machine, and it plays like one. You have some drop targets, some standups, the right loop, the extra ball shot, the pops, and the grotto - and that's about it and was normal for the time. It's one of the better machines of its era. The theme is well executed and it doesn't look horribly dated like a lot of other machines from that decade. It really stands the test of time in terms of appearance.

bally playboy pinball machine for sale
Released: 1978 - Designer: Jim Patla