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Stampede Pinball Machine For Sale Stern

Check out these Stern Stampede Pinball Machines for sale.  You will also find parts and accessories including the Pop Bumpers, Speaker Upgrade, Flyer, Sound Board, Flipper Rebuild Kit, Fuse Kit, CPU Rom Chip Set, Translite, Playfield Plastics, Target Set, Mods, and Custom Target Decals. The year is 1977 and this is the very first pinball machine that Stern ever made. Stern is the only continuously operating pinball company still going today! ‘‘STAMPEDE’ combined many popular features from the ‘70’s era including 1 ‘spinning’ target; 4 ‘stationary’ targets; 2 ‘kick-out’ holes;an ’Extra Ball’ feature; and, the ever popular ‘SPECIAL WHEN LIT’ feature, which on this game is scored by hitting the ‘skill shot’ 3 times. Another cool and very unique feature of this machine is the ‘captive ball’ or ‘messenger ball’that – if hit with just the right amount of force – travels up and hits the Horseshoe Target, so cool! ‘STAMPEDE’is a very fun, fast game! I just finished playing it,again! This game is a blast to play. Once the ball goes out of the upper kick-out hole, it hits the thumper bumpers and acts as if it’sin a boxing ring bouncing around as you attempt to guide the ball in the lower kick out hole to light the bumpers and send the ball back up again. Then once you cradle the ball in the flippers you size up your next shot to hit either the spinner on the right or the captive ball on the left. It plays really fast and has that classic feel and SOUND! You can really hear all of the relays and solenoids clicking away as you play as well as, of course, the CHIMES!
Stern Stampede Pinball Machine For Sale
Released: 1977 - Units: 1100