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AC/DC Pinball Machine For Sale by Stern

Check out these Stern AC/DC Pinball Machines for sale which include different versions including the Luci, Premium, Pro, Back In Black Limited Edition, and Let There Be Rock Limited Edition.  You will also find parts and accessories for current owners including the led kit, rubber ring kits, speaker kit, decals, ramps, manuals, alternate translites, flyers, fuse kit and sling shots. You've been THUNDERSTRUCK!

Playfield Layout:

It has a super layout made by legendary designer Steve Ritchie and the flow doesn't lack on this one. Every shot feels smooth.
The shots are hard but they're hittable. If you miss your shots often the game will definetly drain you fast, especially on the Pro with the standup-targets.

Game Rules:

Lyman Sheats has done it again, he has made another groundbreaking gamecode. You can pick between 12 different songs, which each influence your scoring and gameplay strategy differently.
I love the multiballs they're really hard to start and finish. But they're a lot of fun to play actually.
Encore is one of the best wizard modes I've ever played, although I've never finished it. It's a new innovative mode that (as much as I know) has never been used before.
We likethe jukebox feature on the game featuring the album and live versions of all used songs.

With the last software update (V 1.70) we finally have a real use for the red horn arrows. You collect them all to lite stuff in the jukebox. Basically you just get awards in a designated order, cool feature though.
And another great addition the last code revision has given us is easier settings. In retrospect I feel that they were a little too hard previous to that.

The game has one of the greatest gamecodes we've ever seen thanks to Lyman Sheats. He worked on many of the best games gamecodes (Monster Bash, Attack from Mars, and Medieval Madness).
It makes these games cool and unique!

AC/DC Pinball Machine For Sale by Stern AC/DC Pinball Machine For Sale by Stern
Released: 2012 - Designer: Steve Ritchie